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BMP Hemi/Wedge Aluminum Engine Blocks ( In Production and filling orders )
Bill Mitchell Products engineers have collaborated with leading Chrysler racers and developed a highly refined version of the original 426-style  block. It’s been designed using CAD/CAM 3D technology not available when the original was developed, and is manufactured to far more critical specifications. The BMP 426 Hemi features dual pattern Chrysler/GM bellhousings & more efficient lubrication. This is the ultimate block for Chrysler applications! Available in Hemispherical or Wedge configurations.
Due to the high demand we are taking orders with a small deposit of $500.00 to reserve spot on the schedule. Unfortunately our website will only process full payments. Please call us to leave a deposit 

Material: 357-T6 Aluminum
Deck Height: 10.725″
Deck Thickness: .600″ minimum
Cam Bearings: Stock (can be machined for 60mm)
Camshaft Location: Standard
Lifter Bores: .904″bronze bushings on a 45 Degree Lifter Bank with .035″ feed hole
Cylinder Bore Spacing: 4.80″(stock)
Bores Available: 4.240″ and 4.490″
Maximum Bore: 4.560″
Sleeves: Centrifugally cast ductile iron 
Water Jackets: Expanded for better cooling
Lubrication: Priority main oiling system
Oil System Features: Std oil pump location,
Crank Clearance: 4.500″ max stroke, 4.750″ with additional clearance
Main Caps: crossed bolted nodular iron
Main Cap Hardware: ARP 1/2″ Studs
Rear Main Seal: Std
Oil Pan Rails: Std
Dip Stick: Std
Fuel Pump: OEM mount
Starter: OEM mount
Motor Mounts: Dual (front and side)
Cylinder Head Holes: Extra deep holes for more thread engagement, Blind tapped to prevent leaks
Bellhousing: Dual (accomodates stock and GM)
Weight: Approximately 175 lbs.
Cam Bearings: Std
Dowel Pin Kit: BMP 701595-K


Click here to view Instruction Sheet. – PDF Adobe Reader Required.

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