Aopec 150103 SBC/BBC Hi Torque Mini Starter


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Aopec 150103 SBC/BBC Hi Torque Mini Starter 

Hitachi style mini starter. SB & BB Chevy. Works with 153 and 168 tooth flywheels. 160ft.lbs. of torque suitable for 12:1 compression. Straight bolt pattern.

AOPEC’s gear-reduction drives, heavy-duty starters really crank out the power–160 ft.-lbs. of torque. So, they can handle engines with moderate compression ratios.AOPEC’s starters can be mounted in multiple orientations, featuring an adjustable mounting system. Bolts, shims and starter dyno sheet is included

Replacement for Powermaster 9000, Quartermaster 114280

Weight 10.58 lbs


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