CFR Performance EMC=X3 Aluminum Radiator 24×19 HZ-40011-X3


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CFR Performance EMC=X3 Aluminum Radiator 24×19 HZ-40011-X3


24″ x 19″ high performance modular aluminum radiator features a single-pass, 3-row design with 7/8″ high volume flow heat transfer tubes with an optimized that have 15 fins per inch for cooling power. we have further maximized this system with 7 separate -AN 20 bungs allowing the ultimate in universal configuration. We have OPTIONAL adapter fittings for the -AN bungs to to allow the following attachments.

*Note that each radiator unit has 7 separate -20AN connection Locations for individual needs 
*All OPTIONAL fittings and adapters have one O-Ring included.

HZ-40030 -20AN male to 1.25″ Radiator Hose Fitting.
HZ-40031 -20AN male to 1.75″ Radiator Hose Fitting. 
HZ-40032 -20AN male to 1.50″ Radiator Hose Fitting. 
HZ-40033 -20AN male to -16AN” male coupling. 
HZ-40034 -20AN male to -20AN” male coupling. 
HZ-40035 -20AN male to 1/2″ NPT Adapter. 
HZ-40036 -20AN male to 3/8″ NPT Adapter. 
HZ-40038 -20AN male to 2 1/8″ Filler Neck. *Includes radiator overflow fitting.
HZ-40040 Radiator Overflow Fitting
HZ-40037 -20AN male plug.
HZ-40041 -20AN O-Ring.

These advanced cooling modules also include 8 separate 3/8-24″ threaded bungs for attaching optional mounting bracket kits and hardware allowing the unique option of using this radiator as a traditional top and bottom tank design or the modern cross-flow design.

When combined with optional CFR Performance accessories such as:
Aluminum Ultra Slim high Efficiency Fan Shrouds 
High Volume-Low Draw Electric Fans 
Absolute Control Adjustable Fan Controllers 
Vital Fluids Coolant Recovery Overflow Tanks

This modular system is capable of cooling just about anything you can throw at it and more 

The official rating of the Evolution X3 Cooling System is 1250HP of Pure cooling capacity and that was just the biggest we had available to test.

These radiators are manufactured to CFR Performance’s high standards of quality and are highly efficient.

Features include:

1) A reinforced die-stamped tank that is TIG welded for added rigidity.

2) Aluminum 3-row furnace brazed core with 7/8″ tubes.
5) 1-1/2″ top radiator inlet.
6) 1-3/4″ angled bottom radiator outlet.
7) NOCOLOK brazed core for extra durability.
8) Epoxy-free construction.
Overall Size: 24.25″W x 19.5″H x 3 1/2″D
Core: 17″W x 17.75″H x 3.50″D
Custom brackets or fabrication may be necessary (P/N: HZ-41010).

The following fan shrouds are compatible with this radiator:




Weight 25 lbs


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