Comp Cams 4974 Pro Head CC Kit (100cc x .2cc)


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Comp Cams 4974 Pro Head CC Kit (100cc x .2cc) 

Our kits provide everything you need to properly cc cylinder head combustion chambers, intake and exhaust runners, intake manifolds or cylinders. All kits contain a precision glass buret with integral petcock, a stand & clamp assembly, a flat plexiglass plate to cover the combustion chamber and instructions on how to properly cc cylinder heads.

Note: Burets and kits must be shipped by air service

  • 100cc x .2cc size glass buret
  • Precision glass burets are compatible with alcohol, parts washer fluid or virtually any liquid you may need to measure
  • Scales are marked off in .2cc increments and reads the amount poured, eliminating any math involved
Weight 4 lbs


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