Comp Cams 5316 Calibrated Test Spring


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Comp Cams 5316 Calibrated Test Spring

These bench top testers are really the only sure way to check valve spring pressure. This model will handle springs up to 2” diameter and 4 ½” free length, so its useful for more than just checking valve springs. The 0-1000lb. range by 5 lb. increment scale allows you to check open pressure as well as seat pressure. The use of a test spring is highly recommended as the unit can be tested and re-calibrated in the field (sold separately). Also sold separately is an indicator bracket for this spring tester. It Features:

• Bracket mounts to spring tester shaft and allows installation of a dial indicator (not included) to measure spring height to .001″

• Bracket includes 1 1/2″ standard and 2″ dial indicator extension tip

Weight 0.1 lbs


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