K-Liner KL1959ST – 11/32 x 2.400 ID .343 Bronze Liners 1Box/100pcs

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Interrupted Spiral Guide Liners 11/32″  2.400″OAL 

Our leadership in developing new, cost effective ways to repair worn valve guides led to the development of the Bronze Bullet Interrupted Spiral Guide-Liner over thirty years ago.

Today the Guide-Liner is one of the most popular repair alternatives, approved by Ford GM, Caterpillar, Cummins, amongst other OEMs for use in rebuilding their engines.


Guide-Liner Benefits:

  • Superiour Lubricity – Reduces valve stem sticking and galling
  • Oil Control – Interrupted Spiral reduces the possibility of excessive oil consumption
  • Tighter guide-to-stem clearances for improved performance
  • Improved wear characteristics vs. cast iron

Aluminium Cylinder Heads:

  • No need to remove original guides
  • No galled or scored guide holes
  • No need for oversize guides
  • Guide-to-seat runout maintained

Engine Rebuilder Friendly… Easy-To-Install
Install in seconds with the auto-installer. Bronze Bullet Guide-Liners eliminate the need to chamfer guide bosses, as well as the expense of having to replace valves or guides. The Interrupted Spiral provides superior lubrication and oil control.

Proven Performance…
Performance engine builders love the Bronze Bullet Guide-Liners for their race-winning reliability. NASCAR teams use them, as well as NHRA and IHRA drag cars, circle track racers, off-road racers and builders of street performance engines



Weight 2 lbs


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