Manley Chrysler 5.7L Rotating Assemblies


Ordering a Manley SB HEMI rotating assembly is as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Choose your crankshaft part number based on required reluctor wheel for your vehicle and order the corresponding rod and main bearing part numbers shown.

2. Choose your connecting rod part number.

3. Choose your piston part number based on bore size and desired compression ratio and the corresponding piston ring part number.

Ordering all of the required components for your SB HEMI rotating assembly from Manley will result in extra $ savings. Please contact your Manley representative for more details.

Order P/N 04000 if you require Manley to perform balancing.


  • Lightweight 4340 material forging
  • Multi-step heat treatment process and Nitrided for added strength
  • Stress relieved, shot-peened, and 100% magnafluxed
  • Micro polished large radius journals
  • Available with either 32 or 58 tooth reluctor wheels
  • Gun drilled mains and lightened rod journals for weight reduction
  • Counterweights fully profiled


  • Lightweight design 4340 material forgings
  • Fully machined, heat treated, stress relieved, shot peened, and 100% magnafluxed
  • Big and small end bores are final honed to a tolerance of ± .0002″
  • Bend and twist is tightly controlled
  • Weight matched to +/- 1.5 grams
  • H-Beam comes standard with 7/16″ ARP 8740 bolts (affix an R suffix for ARP 2000 bolt upgrade)
  • I-Beam comes standard with 7/16″ ARP 2000 bolts (affix an R6 suffix for ARP 625+ bolt upgrade)

  • High strength 2618 alloy forgings
  • Exacting ring groove squareness to cylinder wall provides maximum horsepower.
  • Offset wrist pin design
  • Premium Chrome Moly pin included with Standard Series
  • 9310 Alloy pin included with Extreme Duty Series
  • Moly coated skirts


  • 1.5 x 1.5 x 3mm Total Seal (moly in-lay tops standard)
  • Premium steel top rings are optional (affix ST suffix)
  • Total Seal Gapless* steel top ring sets also available (affix GT suffix)


  • Premium Clevite® “H” Series narrowed rod bearings and “P” Series or “H” Series main bearings
Custom Rotating Assemblies – Chrysler 5.7L Hemi Series
Lightweight 1730gm. Bobweight 4.050″ Stroke Cranks
Crank P/N   Extreme Duty   Compression Ratio Balance Req. (Y/N)
Reluctor Wheel Piston Part No. Piston Part No. Piston Description Ring Part No. 85cc 65cc 74cc 14056-8 14455-8 14255-8

191832 32 Tooth                         or                        191858 58 Tooth                  

6.125″ Rod P/N     14056-8      H-Beam      or                           14455-8 LW I-Beam      or                         14255-8 SW I-Beam                  

Bearing P/N                30020 Rod.          33050 Main        33050H Main

597200C-8 597200CE-8 3.917/-1.5cc F/T 46120-8 9.63 12.0 10.79 N* N* Y
597205C-8 597205CE-8 3.922/-1.5cc F/T 46121-8 9.65 12.03 10.81 N* N* Y
597220C-8 597220CE-8 3.937/-1.5cc F/T 46122-8 9.72 12.11 10.89 N* N* Y
597300C-8 597300CE-8 3.917/-14cc Dish 46120-8 8.60 10.39 9.49 N* Y Y
597305C-8 597305CE-8 3.922/-14cc Dish 46121-8 8.62 10.41 9.51 N* Y Y
597320C-8 597320CE-8 3.937/-14cc Dish 46122-8 8.68 10.48 9.58 N* Y Y
598500C-8 598500CE-8 3.917/-23cc Dish 46120-8 8.00 9.49 8.75 N* Y Y
598505C-8 598505CE-8 3.922/-23cc Dish 46121-8 8.02 9.51 8.77 N* Y Y
598520C-8 598520CE-8 3.937/-23cc Dish 46122-8 8.07 9.58 8.83 N* Y Y
*N = Factory balanced to +/- 1% of bobweight
Order part number 04000 for precision balancing to within 5 grams
Note: “LW” = “Lightweight” design rod and “SW” = “Standard Weight” design rod
Weight 100 lbs


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