Small Block Ford 454 Cubic Inch Drag Race Engine Package


Small Block Ford 454 Cubic Inch Drag Race Engine Package

This new 454 cubic inch Drag Race engine kit is based on World Products new Man O’War Ford Windsor style small block, which offers significant improvements in strength and performance. Loaded with premium components, this package is pre-engineered to simplify building and is capable of producing serious power coupled with strong reliability.

This is an engine kit and requires all final finish machine work (Block Prep., Crank Balancing, Head Assembly)

World 9.500” – 4.125” SBF Block

4.250“ Stroke Std. Wt. Forged Crank

1” x 1” Heavy Metal (5)

6.200” H-Beam Rods w/ARP 2000

JE Pistons – 6.5cc Dome

1/16, 1/16, 3/16 File Fit Rings

Clevite H Series Main Bearings

Clevite H Series Rod Bearings

Dura Bond Coated Cam Bearings

Rear Main Seal

PBM Assembly Kit

Erson Custom Grind Solid Roller Cam

Billet Adjustable timing Set

Cam Sprocket Bolt & Washer

Cam Retainer Plate

Timing Cover

Accessory Bolt Kit

SFI Balancer -Int Balance

Billet Timing Pointer

Fuel Pump Block Off

Melling High Volume Oil Pump

ARP Oil Pump Bolt Kit

Oil Pump Drive Shaft

Oil Pump Pick Up

Dipstick & Tube

Oil Pan Rear Sump

Oil Pan Gasket

Timing Cover Gasket & Seal

Balancer Bolt

Erson Solid Roller Lifters

Oil Filter Adapter

BMP Cylinder Heads 18o 245cc 68cc

Intake Valves 2.080” +.100” long

Exhaust Valves 1.600” +.100” long

Erson FSP 1.580” Dual Springs

Titanium 10o Retainers

10o Valve Locks

Valve Seals

I.D. Locators

Rocker Stud Kit

Pushrod Guideplates

1.6 7/16 Severe Duty Roller Rockers

5/16 .120 Wall 8.450 Push Rods

Cometic Head Gaskets

Head Studs

Valve Cover Gaskets

Aluminum Valve Covers

Aluminum Intake Manifold 4500

Intake Gaskets

Pro Billet Distributor

Bronze Distributor Gear

Plug Wire Set

Distributor Clamp

15w40 Driven Break In Oil

Wix Racing Oil Filter

Weight 500 lbs


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