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Bill Mitchell Products has been in business since the 1980’s supplying hardcore racing products from radiators to race engines. Eventually founding World Products manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum engine blocks and heads.

In 2011, Bill Mitchell Jr. assumed full control of Bill Mitchell Hardcore Racing Products (BMP) and decided to take the brand to the next level, acquiring the entire aluminum product line of World Products. This line includes engine blocks, cylinder heads and intake manifolds. These products are now marketed and sold under the Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) brand. The very first thing Bill Mitchell Products decided was that if these items would carry the BMP name, then quality would be the number one and most important goal in this new venture.

In order to do this Bill Mitchell Products made a bold move and decided to start completely over by changing foundries to more modern and state-of-the-art facilities. In addition BMP made upgrades to the tooling to add some features that were in the works for a long time. Bill Mitchell Products also moved to new machining centers that were more capable in what BMP is trying to accomplish. BMP built entirely new machine fixtures to guarantee the absolute highest standards of appearance and precision for our products. You may be saying to yourselves that all of this must have cost a fortune? It did, both in time and dollars, but make no mistake, in our minds cost is not a reason to sacrifice quality. Bill Mitchell Products is dedicated to providing the best product for our customers. Our goal is to supply the absolute finest engine blocks, cylinder heads and intake manifolds available!

A HIGH PERFORMANCE TRADITION If you were a performance enthusiast looking for cylinder heads prior to 1987, your choices were limited to scrounging through junkyards, going to a dealership for OEM parts, or spending a small fortune on aftermarket aluminum racing heads. There was no in-between option. At this point, noted speed merchant Bill Mitchell and a skilled team of engineering and manufacturing personnel collaborated to develop an affordable cast iron head for the small block Chevrolet that delivered impressive performance gains. Their first offering became an instant success and was named Product of the Year in 1988 by Hot Rod Magazine. It produces 30-70 HP over stock heads, and remains the only high performance cast iron small block head to be certified for use in many racing leagues.

HARDCORE PERFORMANCE IS OUR PASSION Big block Chevrolet enthusiasts were next to benefit from the Bill Mitchell magic, in the form of a highly effective line of aluminum cylinder heads and engine blocks. Ultimately, the line expanded to include both aluminum and cast iron blocks and cylinder heads, with complimenting intake manifolds. Our BMP Big Block line of products represents a remarkable combination of advanced designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to provide greater levels of performance at affordable prices. From street rods and drag cars to off-shore boats and monster trucks, you’ll find BMP Big Block power in charge.

Our commitment to Ford enthusiasts includes an aluminum replacement block for 302/351 engines and their Windsor based small blocks can be built to the legendary proportions of a 460 Big Block. The BMP line of Ford heads is available in versions suitable from restorations to race only applications.

The BMP LS line of replacement blocks and cylinder heads for GM™s LS1/LS7 and C5R offerings is far superior to OEM. The Bill Mitchell Products engineering team collaborated with leading engine builders and racers to create an all new redesigned LS-series block that has many important design features you won’t find in the OEM block, plus two cylinder heads; a 12° LS7 model for serious competitors (uses LS7 components) and a 15° high performance replacement for the LS1. Without question, BMP’s aluminum blocks and heads are setting new standards and performance records from coast to coast.

In 2008 Bill Mitchell Products (then called World Products) introduced the aluminum 426H® and Wedge engine blocks. BMP engineers collaborated with leading Chrysler racers and developed a highly refined version of the original 426-style block. It is designed using CAD/CAM 3D technology not available when the original was developed, and is manufactured to far more critical specifications.

WE SELL HORSEPOWER The best performance from an engine can only be had by using components that work together. Which head goes with with what manifold and what valve train do you use?

As World Products, we built 1000s of engines and that information solves that puzzle, once and for all. You can’t build a great motor with flow numbers and fancy ads. While some head manufacturers try to impress you with flow numbers, Bill Mitchell Products informs you of actual horsepower results. You can only get the best performance using matched components and now that performance is just a click away.

Make BMP’s 25 years of experience work for you! The experience of thousands of dyno tests and years of engine building is now in the palm of your hand. The best products with the best experience are a combo that cannot be beat. Bill Mitchell Products will never sacrifice quality for cost.

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