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Made in the USA – Formerly RAMCO Performance Manufacturing; Filter Solutions Technologies’  filtration systems represent a significant advancement in water-stripping filtration technology and provides the highest in filtration efficiency. All of our FloMax™ filters were designed for: ethanol & methanol based gasolines / racing fuels along with regular gasoline. Our TurboFyner™ diesel filters were designed for petroleum diesel, vegetable oil & bio-diesel filtering (hover over the above “Filter Systems” tab for individual system information).

Fuel Filtering & Filters: Why FS?


  1. Filtering; In the past, because you could get away with poor fuel filtering when running a carburetor, all you needed was flow. So, performance fuel filters were kept small and “opened-up”, thus sacrificing filtering efficience to get fuel flow by using high micron rated media (filter elements) because they had a small filter surface area. A good one “might” provide 10 microns of filtering efficiency with 60 sq. in. of surface area.

  2. Water / EthanolAlso in prior years, ethanol and water in the fuel was not as prevalent as it is today. Even some high-octane, high performance and racing fuels are having water and ethanol contamination problems. (Competitors’) stainless steel screen filters do nothing to stop water and older paper filters would swell up if you ran ethanol, alcohol or methanol because they were water blocking (would absorb water) not shed it.


  1. FilteringFST uses a much larger surface area media (filter elements). Even our smallest filter has 122 sq. in. of media and our largest has 579 sq. in.! With this larger surface area, FST uses two different micron rated filter medias: 4 micron in our smaller RF500 & RF700 filters, and 3 micron FloMax filtering media in our larger RF500M & RF900D filters. As a result FST can filter down to 3 or 4 microns of contamination (2.5 to 3.3 times better than the competitors) and still flow 300-350 gph!

  2. Water / EthanolThe FSFloMax 3 & 4 micron filtering media mentioned above also separates and sheds any and all water on contact with the filter media. No, it can’t separate the ethanol, but ethanol attracts water so a water separating filter media is a must to optimize filtering efficiency. Older water “blocking” filter media would swell up and block fuel flow, not FloMax, it sheds, not blocks!

With today’s high-performance fuel injection, FST fuel filters are the answer to the problem of improper injector operation and efficiency.


Another problem (and FST solution) pertains to diesel fuel during engine operation in cold weather. All of the same problems (and solutions) discussed above hold true with diesel. In addition, one more problem exist in cold climates. Even during operation of the vehicle (driving), cold fuel can gell or wax (cover the surface of the filter element), sometimes even stopping fuel flow and preventing operation of the engine.

SolutionFSTTurboFyner fuel refining filter system (#RPM900) filters down to 3 micron, separates water and heats the fuel while driving. Go to the “Filter Systems” tab above and click on                    for complete information about this revolutionary fuel filtering system that is especially a must when using biodiesel or vegetable oil fuels.


With all of the changes in today’s fuel(s) and fuel injection, the one thing that is more important than ever before, and has been the one missing piece in the street-performance & racing markets, is a fuel filter that really filters the fuel and separates water, yet with the flow needed for today’s performance/racing engines. Most of our fuel filter competitors compromise filtration for flow. Due to the large square inch capacity of media, FST‘s FloMax maximum flow (300-350 GPH) and highly efficient 4 and 3 micron filtration and water separation make the FST line the most innovative and efficient system ever developed. Stainless steel screen fuel filters (like most competitors) do nothing to shed/stop water and may only filter down to 10 micron. In fact, several fuel injector manufacturers & rebuilders use FST  3 micron fuel filters on their equipment because of FloMax efficiency and flow rates.


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