SB Chevy Cast Iron w/ LS Heads

Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Block, Accepts LS Series Heads

The unique World Products Motown LS SBC block lets you utilize a full compliment of standard small block Chevy components with the  decided advantage of being able to employ high flowing LS-type cylinder heads. In addition to the internal components, the  World Products Motown LS allows use of expensive already-purchased Small Block Chevy items like pulley kits and external accessories. The block also boasts a coolant capacity in excess of 150 fluid ounces  to provide superior cooling.


Note: When using LS-style heads on the Motown LS you must use an adapter on the heads to facilitate a return flow to the  radiator. The World Products Cooling Adapter also accommodates standard SBC  accessory brackets.

The latest design World Products Motown LS small block Chevy Hybrid engine block features a camshaft location which has been raised in the block by +.134″. The block now comes standard with a 55mm cam tunnel and cam cores are now readily available from Erson Cams at an affordable cost for this application. This design allows the use of both I-beam and H-beam connecting rods with a 4″ stroke crankshaft, and the large diameter cam core provides for exceptional valve train stability at high RPM operation. Bushed lifter bores are standard with a choice of .842″ or .904″ inner diameters. The Motown LS can be built with a carburetor or EFI induction. Deck height is a standard LS 9.240″. The special cylinder head and intake manifold adapter allows the use of a std distributor as a small block Chevy.  

Technical Information:   

  • Material: High density cast iron  
  • Deck Height: 9.240″ Stock LS deck height   
  • Deck Thickness: .600″ Minimum
  • Cam Bearings: 55mm babbit cam bearing bore   
  • Cam Location: Raised +.134″ 
  • Lifter Bores: Indexed .842″/.904″
  • Main Bearings: Std Chevrolet (350 style)
  • Bore Spacing: 4.400″
  • Bore: 3.995″ or 4.120
  • Maximum Bore: 4.200” 
  • Cylinder Wall Thickness: .250” at 4.200” bore   
  • Water Jackets: Expanded for better cooling  
  • Lubrication: Priority main oiling system   
  • Oil System Features: Integral boss for front feed, boss for rear scavenge, rear main cap can accept wet sump pump 
  • Dip Stick: Driver Side   
  • Filter: Integral mount for spin-on filter   
  • Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width) clearanced for 4.000″ stroke
  • Crank Clearance: 4.000″ Stroke (H-beam rods)
  • Main Caps: Nodular or Billet steel splayed 4-bolt caps (2, 3,4) and straight 4-bolt caps (1, 5)   
  • Main Cap Hardware: ARP and ring dowels used in addition to std OEM registers to locate main caps firmly into position
  • Main Cap Locators: Stock and ring dowels at the center studs   
  • Rear Main Seal: Two piece SB Chevy   
  • Fuel Pump: Stock location SB Chevy   
  • Motor Mounts: SBC motor mounts
  • Cylinder Head Bolt Holes: Blind tapped to prevent water leaks   
  • Clutch Linkage: Standard mounts   
  • Starter Mount: Stock location   
  • Weight: Approximately 200lbs.


  • 703844 Valley plate for carburetor intake manifolds
  • 703844-I Valley plate for LS EFI intake manifolds
  • 703848-K Cylinder head end plates
  • 703849-K Water return kit – Pro-Lok hose
  • 703850-K Water return kit – Braided steel hose
  • 705017 Cylinder head stud kit
  • 8981TRC Billet timing chain
  • 8981TARC Billet timing chain (adjustable)
  • DURGMP55 Cam bearing set (babbit)


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