Owner: Frank Clanton

Vehicle: 1976 C10 Short and Wide

Engine: BMP 454 Small Block Chevy


Having fun ET racing “America’s Race Truck” in the Pacific Northwest. Engine has been reliable and consistent. Launch at 4500, shift at 6100, running pump gas. 3,650lbs running 6.90’s in the 1/8th. Mid-Life Fun on a budget! 🏁🏁🏁

Owner: Paul Reber

Vehicle: 1971 Dodge Challenger Conv

Engine: 505 RB Wedge


The BMP aluminum Chrysler Wedge Block is an absolute masterpiece, well thought out extremely well built. It also shaved about 200 lbs off the front end of a typically heavy nosed car. Having had big block E bodies since 1984, i love a lot of things about those cars but there are some things that could definitely be improved, front end confidence definitely on the list of needing improvement. Basically going with the aluminum block gives you the weight of a cast iron small block with the torque and cubic inches , drivability of a big block. Drivability is outstanding with modern coil over suspension. Thanks Bill for your patience and understanding with my order, your a true gentleman.

Owner: Nitro Monkey A/Fuel Dragster

Vehicle: 2004 Neil & Parks Chassis

Engine: 377 ci BMP SBC aluminum block


Currently running 99% nitromethane. Best ET 4.61 1/8 mile.

Owner: FastEddie02043

Vehicle: 1949 Chevy 5 window pickup

Engine: Hardcore454

Owner: Mega Jeep

Vehicle: 90 jeep

Engine: 427 sbc World Products 084120RC – Cast Iron Motown Engine Block Chevy Small Block 350 Mains, 4.120 Bore, Billet Caps, RAISED CAM


Mega mud jeep 427 sbc ( built by RW auto center Jayden Berg) Proform heads with Enderle bird catcher injection on alky made 710hp and 720 tq very strong 7000 rpm motor

Owner: Josh Greenidge

Vehicle: 68 Chevy Camaro

Engine: Bill Mitchell Products 427 SBC Chevy Engine 535hp


It was a pro touring race car in the states before it was shipped to the UK in 2015. It sat for months until the previous owner to me bought it. He has it fully resprayed black and had the interior reinstalled. It’s still on the racing suspension with the 4 link rear end. It has the 427 Bill Mitchell engine making 535 horsepower. The rear axle has been shortend so bigger 11 and a half in wheels could be fitted. I wanted something different and to see a camaro in the UK is rare.

Owner: Malloy racing

Vehicle: 1983 camaro z-28

Engine: 434 SBC


Using a BMP 4500 SBC intake manifold 1000cfm APD carb alky – footbrake car is deadly consistent thanks billy Mitchell products

Owner: The Journeyman

Vehicle: 1961 Ford Falcon Gasser

Engine: 351w stroked to 414ci


Thank you Bill for selling the intake manifold to me when other vendors let me down. My buddies told me about your website and I purchased the manifold from you. 351w 9.5 with 4500 dominator capability. It works awesome. This manifold and carb set up put me in the low 10s.

Owner: Leroy the Mechanic


This is Hannibal and he has a Bill Mitchell Products Merlin IV cast iron Big Block, that is based on the 1964 Chevrolet Mark IV mystery engine, with billet steel main caps that I built for the Unlimited Class in Drag and Drive competitions. Unlimited class Drag and Drive engines must be durable and very powerful, and NOTHING beats the durability of an iron block with billet steel main caps! Hannibal also uses a ProCharger F-3R-136 supercharger along with way too much nitrous oxide. We could have purchased this engine block from other, more popular companies, but there is nothing like calling up a company with a question and the top dog answers the phone AND answers your question! I’m planning another project that specifies a vehicle weight of 2000 pounds with 2000 horsepower and you can bet that I will be going back to Bill Mitchell for his aluminum big block and 16-degree cylinder heads. Thanks Bill.

Owner: Bill Wise

Vehicle: Mini Puller Big Block 1850lb Mod

Engine: Big Block Chevy


Big Block Chevy using a Bill Mitchell Products aluminum block with Arias Chevy Hemi heads 1000+Hp

Owner: Billy Mitchell

Vehicle: Nissan 350Z

Engine: 427 Chevy LS7


2004 Nissan 350Z, 427CID LS7 Chevy, Bill Mitchell Products LS aluminum block, Dart LS7 heads and intake, 700hp.

Owner: Asterix Pulling team


We run 6 Motown/BMP aluminum engines on our light modified class in Europe. ( 6,000-lb )
417 CUI high RPM, high compression engines. Brodix 15 degree heads, alcohol injection and Mallory MAG 4 magneto`s.
appr. 830 horspower each.

Owner: Kelly Jones Top Dragster


I’ve been running this block since mid 2014. Approximately 350 to 400 runs on the block. I estimate I put 60-70 runs a year. Usually 8 NHRA Divisionals and 3-4 Nationals. Maybe a couple 1/8 local bracket races a year.
The engine is a 540 BBC BMP block, Brodix BB3 xtra heads. With a 1471 Kobelco blower on top. The Top Dragster weighs lil over 2000 pounds.
Its been 6.03 et. at 230mph.
I’ve won:
2-NHRA Div. 4 Top Dragster Championships
NHRA National events 2022 Spring Nationals at Houston
6 NHRA Divsionals While the block was in use.
Estimated HP 1600-1800 depending on the pulley, or blower overdrive.

Owner: Don Ryan Crutchybilt Performance

Vehicle: 1964 Plymouth & Buick Regal


Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for a great product. We used your wedge aluminum block for one of our customers engines. When it was all finishes and in the car we ended having a great piece that he owner can go out and win with. It all started with a great foundation. Here are some pictures for you guys. Also I attached some of the shop car, it’s a Buick Regal with a Motown block that is over 20 years old now and thumping in the 8.50 range. Thanks again.

Owner: Byron Ozawa

Vehicle: 1967 Chevy Camaro

Engine: 1967 Chevy Camaro


BBC built by Bill Mitchell Hardcore Racing. Build includes Merlin intake manifold and Merlin heads.

Owner: Kelly Baillie

Vehicle: 1968 Chevy Camaro


Best E.T./MPH: 10.2@128-Horsepower: 600-Torque: 580. World Products 454 Small Block Chevy using a World cast iron Motown block, 235 aluminum heads and 4500 intake. Heads and intakes now being made by Bill Mitchell Products.

Owner: Tim McFarland

Vehicle: Chevy Monza Nostalgia Funny Car


1979 Don Long chassis, Strange big bearing 3rd member 4.31 Strange ring and pinion.35 spline axels, full floater. 496 ci BB Chevy Bill Mitchell cyl heads Lunati cam, 4.250″ billet crank H beam rods. Weisco 12.5:1 pistons. Total Seal rings. Edelbrock tunnel ram Enderle bird catcher hat and 0 pump, MSD digital AL6.M/T 34.5 17 16 slicks The BMP heads I have is one reason this engine runs so well the Manley valves and oh my god 800lb psi open springs compliment the aluminum heads with 345cc intake runners with out a doubt the best cly heads I’ve ever had.

Owner: Fred McMurray

Vehicle: Chevy Master 2DR


545 HP BMP 427 short block with AFR Eliminator heads, Edelbrock air gap,Comp Cam solid roller,scorpion roller rockers, Holley,full length headers, 700R4 with bowtie overdrive kit, ford 9 inch, ps,pb,pw,pa, cruise, dakota digital, lokar, griffin aluminum rad, custom interior, fast/fun street rod.

Owner: Angelo J. Liguori

Vehicle: 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Deluxe Station Wagon


“The Wagonator” All original. 200 Cu. In. 105HP Straight Six. Rebuilt Head, New C4 Transmission. Special thanx to Eagle Automotive of Levittown NY. Perhaps the slowest car to ever wear a Bill Mitchell Products Sticker.

Owner: Michelle and Rick Furr

Vehicle: 2017 C7 ZO6 Corvett Suncoast Roadster - Super Gas

Engine: 540 Cubic Inch Built by Ohio Crankshaft with a Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) BBC aluminum block


2018 Season Highlights – #2 in points NHRA Division 2 and tied for 10th in the nation – Super Gas
2018 NHRA Gainesvile, Divisional – Winner
2018 NHRA Gator Nationals – Winner

Owner: Mark & Kelly Jones

Vehicle: 2009 Spitzer 262" Rear Engine, Slip Tube, Dragster

Engine: Supercharged 540 Cubic Inch with a Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) BBC aluminum block 2200+Hp


The performance is certainly nothing to sneeze at while consistently running 6.teens @ 220mph. There was not an available horse power rating but in a 1970 lb car, you’re talking in excess of 2200hp.
2018 Division 4 Top Dragster Champion and finished #2 in the nation and 2018 3 NHRA Lucas oil divisional events.

Owner: Robert Hoffman/Speed Pro, Sweden

Vehicle: Street Race Vette All Carbon Fiber body

Engine: 600 Cubic Inch with a Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) aluminum block 950Hp + 450HP NOS


Makes 950hp with additional 450Hp spray of nitrous. Consistently beats proven 7 second cars. Check out his You Tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqtX1e128E

Owner: Robert Hoffman/Speed Pro, Sweden

Vehicle: Split window corvette / Daily street driver

Engine: 427 Cubic inch with a Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) SBC aluminum block and heads, 4 Webbers on a cross Ram intake Makes 684Hp

Owner: Mark Dedecker – Proud Vietnam Veteran

Vehicle: 1971 Vette Hatchback "Ole Full Tilt"

Engine: 454 Cubic inch SBC Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) Engine, 600+Hp


Got Adrenaline!

Owner: Dan Straley

Vehicle: 1970 Dodge Duster

Engine: 572 Cubic inch all aluminum w/ Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) 440 Aluminum Engine Block, 1100+Hp


1970 Dodge Duster with a 572” bb mopar with a bmp alum block making around 1100 hp on motor with another 550hp of nitrous. It’s a stocsuspension 26” radial car. Run n/t prep and no prep with it.

Owner: Ted Dzus (Mr 1/4 turn)

Vehicle: Henry J

Engine: 572 HEMI with Bill Mitchell Products aluminum block and Edelbrock Heads

Owner: Robert Hoffman/Speed Pro, Sweden

Vehicle: Turbo Funny Car

Engine: Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) aluminum heads and Merlin III iron block Makes 2500hp

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