Customer Rides

Owner: Ted Dzus (Mr 1/4 turn)

Vehicle: Henry J

Engine: 572 HEMI with Bill Mitchell Products aluminum block and Edelbrock Heads

Owner: Bill Wise

Vehicle: Mini Puller Big Block 1850lb Mod

Engine: Big Block Chevy using a Bill Mitchell Products aluminum block with Arias Chevy Hemi heads 1000+Hp

Owner: Dan Straley

Vehicle: 1970 Dodge Duster

Engine: 572 Cubic inch all aluminum w/ Bill Mitchell Products (BMP) 440 Aluminum Engine Block, 1100+Hp


1970 Dodge Duster with a 572” bb mopar with a bmp alum block making around 1100 hp on motor with another 550hp of nitrous. It’s a stocsuspension 26” radial car. Run n/t prep and no prep with it.

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