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BMP Big Block Chevy Aluminum Engine Blocks
The highly refined Bill Mitchell Products BMP BBC aluminum block we have incorporated a significant number of key technical features that set it apart from the competition. And because it’s been designed specifically for the drag race market and keeping the marine and street guys in mind. This and the price of the BMP Big Block Chevy makes this the only choice for your ride. Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better value in big block Chevrolet technology. It’s manufactured to QS-9000 quality control standards. 
One easy to spot difference between the BMP BBC and others is the use of horizontal ribs. Not only do they look cool, but they also serve to improve engine cooling and reinforce the cylinder bores. Total bottom end dependability is achieved through the use of 1045 alloy steel billet splayed 4-bolt mains (much stronger than commonly used 1020 steel) with genuine ARP main studs. The BMP BBC Aluminum Block is compatible with all GM Gen IV components (cam location is standard) and is the best foundation for building a large displacement big block Chevrolet with total reliability. Factor in pricing that’s more than competitive, and you’ve got a winner! Formerly known as the World Products Merlin III Aluminum Block.

Material:  357-T6 aluminum (strongest available)  
Deck Height: 9.800” or 10.200″  
Deck Thickness: .600″ minimum  
Cam Bearings: Standard Chevrolet big block
Cam can be machined for 55mm camshafts 
Camshaft Location: Stock
Lifter Bores: Indexed (stock .843″ bore)  
Lifter Angles: Int.45°/Ex.39°  
Main Bearings: Std BBC Chevrolet
Bore Spacing: 4.840″ (stock)
Bores: 4.240″, 4.490″ (Rough Bored)  
Maximum Bore Recommended 4.560″, Sleeve O.D. is 4.685″. We use a smaller sleeve O.D. which allows for more aluminum left between cylinder bores. This adds strength to the block under high cylinder pressures.
Cylinder Sleeves: Centrifigually cast ductile iron 
Water Jackets: Expanded for better cooling  
Lubrication: Priority main oiling system  
Oil System Features: Std style internal oil pump. Block may be converted to a dry sump oiling system.  
Filtration: Std Integral mount for spin-on filter  
Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width) 
Crank Clearance: 4.750″ stroke crank (10.200″ deck) 4.375” stroke crank  (9.800″ deck) Some additional clearancing may be needed depending on rod selection
Main Caps: 4-bolt Splayed Billet 1045 Steel. All 5 caps are a 4 bolt design w/ 3 centers being splayed outer bolts
Main Cap Locators: Stock Register & Ring Dowels at the center studs
Main Cap Hardware: ARP ½” Stud Kit  
Rear Main Seal: Two piece BB Chevy
Fuel Pump: OEM mount
Starter: OEM mount
Motor Mounts: Dual front and side
Cylinder Head Stud/Bolt: extra deep for more thread engagement, Blind tapped to prevent leaks
Weight: Approximately  140 lbs. with sleeves
Cam Bearings: Durabond CHP12
Dowel Pin Kit:BMP 701580-K 
Oil Restrictors: BMP 701802-2
Inner Lifter Valley Extra Head Bolts BMP 701302
Rear Main Seal: FEL2904

MORE INFORMATION:BBC Instruction Sheet  PDF – Adobe Reader Required

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