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All Romac Harmonic Balancers are SFI 18.1 spec approved. Most are 360 degreed with a fully encapsulated outer ring via a shoulder at the rear and a serviceable circlip mounted at the front of the outer ring.All Romac Balancers are individually “Consecutively Marked”, fully serviceable and need no special bonding with the elastomer.


Steel Inner Hub / Steel Outer Ring, for Mild Street, Strip performance engines that offer increased harmonic absorption over stock units. Most have 360 degreed outer rings and are similar in weight to factory cast units but with the safety of an encapsulated outer ring. They are available in External or Neutral balance.They weigh from 3kg to 5kg. The RPM ranges up to 8500.


The attributes associated with our Balancer Part Numbers in our catalogue include External Counterweights nominated on most Ford balancers. The counterweight amount is stamped on the balancer.

P/N 0202SA, tells us it’s a Chevrolet SB steel inner and alloy outer.

P/N 0209/50 tells us it’s an early model Ford Windsor fitted with a late model EFI Ford crank that is 50 ounce-inch imbalance externally and not 28 ounce-inch as normal. The catalogue should inform you directly at the P/N what style of balancer it is.


Steel Inner Hubs: K1045 Carbon steel

Steel Outer Ring: K1045 Carbon Steel.


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