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Bill Mitchell Products BMP 023012 – Cylinder Head Aluminum Ford Small Block 275cc 64cc 10Degree 2.250″ x 1.625″


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BILL MITCHELL PRODUCTS BMP Cylinder Head Aluminum Ford Small Block 275cc, 10Degree 2.250″ x 1.625″

The BMP engineering team has developed what is the ultimate competition cylinder head for 302/351 Ford small block applications. It features a highly advantageous 10° valve angle (with parallel rocker arm mounting) and some humongous ports. The “as-cast” intake runners are available in 275 and 285cc with huge 102cc exhaust ports. Add the CNC porting option and a 310cc intake runner is yours. Designed for use with all power-adders, the 10° BMP SBC comes with provisions to use two extra head bolts per cylinder as is offered with the companion BMP SBF Aluminum block or WORLD Iron Block.



  • Head utilize standard Windsor Bolt Pattern. Some modifications may be required when using standard Windsor intakes.
  • Custom Sheet Metal or Edlebrock #2868. Some modifications are reqired to the intake face of the cylinder head to accept the Edlebrock bolt pattern.
  • You must make sure that the intake water cross over ports line up with the holes on the head.
  • For crossover water passage, you may have to drill two holes into the head to allow water flow between the intake and head.
  • Use a gasket as a template locate your drill points.




  • Casting ID Number: I-081A 285cc or I-081B 275cc
  • Material: 355-T6 alloy high density aluminum
  • Valve Seats: Intake (hardened), exhaust (hardened)
  • Valves: 2.250 Intake, 1.625 Exhaust, 5/16″
  • Valve Guides: Manganese bronze
  • Spring Seats: Machined for 1.560″
  • Valves: Manley stainless steel valves in assemblies
  • Rocker Arms: Shaft mount system required, JESEL part#KPS371149
  • Exhaust Ports: 102cc
  • Combustion Chamber: 64cc Spark Plug: 14mm .750″ reach gasket style
  • Valve Job: Bare As Cast Head do not have a valve job
  • Valve Cover Rail: Raised
  • Valve Angle: 10°
  • Head Gasket: Cometic C5132, C5133, C5134, C5135
  • Exhaust Gasket: Cometic EX1367043C
  • Accessory Bolt Holes: Stock


BMP 275cc 10 Degree Race Aluminum Head Flow Data 
Valve Lift–.300 –.400 –.500 –.600 –.700 –.800
2.250 ——- 220 — 283 — 327 — 352 — 365 — 347
1.625 ——- 166 — 204 — 222 — 237 — 243 — 246 

Methods used: Superflow 600, Flowed at 28″ with a bowl blend 1″ down, 1″ radiused entry plate on the intake port, No exhaust tube, Using Manley Severe Duty valves.


Heads are sold individually.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 7 in


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