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Bill Mitchell Products BMP 023015C – Cylinder Head Aluminum Ford Small Block 310cc 64cc 10Degree 2.250″ x 1.625″ CNC PORTED


BILL MITCHELL PRODUCTS BMP Cylinder Head Aluminum Ford Small Block 310cc 10Degree 2.250″ x 1.625″

The BMP engineering team has developed what is the ultimate competition cylinder head for 302/351 Ford small block applications. It features a highly advantageous 10° valve angle (with parallel rocker arm mounting) and some humongous ports. The “as-cast” intake runners are available in 275 and 285cc with huge 102cc exhaust ports. Add the CNC porting option and a 310cc intake runner is yours. Designed for use with all power-adders, the 10° BMP SBC comes with provisions to use two extra head bolts per cylinder as is offered with the companion BMP SBF Aluminum block or WORLD Iron Block.


  • Head utilize standard Windsor Bolt Pattern. Some modifications may be required when using standard Windsor intakes.
  • Custom Sheet Metal or Edlebrock #2868. Some modifications are reqired to the intake face of the cylinder head to accept the Edlebrock bolt pattern.
  • You must make sure that the intake water cross over ports line up with the holes on the head.
  • For crossover water passage, you may have to drill two holes into the head to allow water flow between the intake and head.
  • Use a gasket as a template locate your drill points.

Available Assemblies are listed in the option section to the right

023015C-3 , 023015C-3 , 023015C-4


  • Casting ID Number: I-081A 285cc or I-081B 275cc 
  • Material: 355-T6 alloy high density aluminum
  • Valve Seats: Intake (hardened), exhaust (hardened)
  • Valves: 2.250 Intake, 1.625 Exhaust, 5/16″
  • Valve Guides: Manganese bronze
  • Spring Seats: Machined for 1.560″
  • Valves: Manley stainless steel valves in assemblies
  • Rocker Arms: Shaft mount system required, JESEL part#KPS371149
  • Exhaust Ports: 102cc
  • Combustion Chamber: 64cc Spark Plug: 14mm .750″ reach gasket style
  • Valve Job: Multi Angle
  • Valve Cover Rail: Raised
  • Valve Angle: 10°
  • Head Gasket: Cometic C5132, C5133, C5134, C5135
  • Exhaust Gasket: Cometic EX1367043C
  • Accessory Bolt Holes: Stock


BMP 310cc 10 Degree Race Aluminum Head Flow Data CNC PORTED

Valve Lift–.300 –.400 –.500 –.600 –.700 –.800
2.250 —— 217 — 281 — 334 — 371 — 391 — 396
1.625 —— 142 — 175 — 198 — 217 — 232 — 241 

Methods used: Superflow 600, Flowed at 28″ with full CNC Porting, 1″ radiused entry plate on the intake port, No exhaust tube, Using Manley Severe Duty valves.


Heads are sold individually.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 6 in


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