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Bill Mitchell Products BMP 087572 – Aluminum Engine Block Ford Small Block 351 Mains, 9.500 Deck, 3.995 Bore, Billet Cpas


Bill Mitchell Products SBF 357T6 Aluminum Engine Block Ford Small Block 351 Mains, 9.500″Deck, 3.995″ Bore. Standard Cam(includes, Screw in Freeze plugs, Cam plug, All dowel pins and Pipe plugs) 087572

Block Specifications:

Block Applications: The BMP aluminum blocks are designed to be a replacement for the Small Block Ford one piece rear seal applications with the dipstick in the timing cover. From Stock to all on race applications.

Casting Number: BMP-352A (9.500”)

Block Material: Aluminum 357T6 aluminum alloy

Block Weight: 9.500” 115lbs  w/ caps and sleeves

Deck Height: 9.500” (Standard Ford )

Deck Thickness: .600 minimum.

Cam Bearings: Durabond Part# DUR351HP

Note: When installing, BE SURE the oil hole in the bearings aligns with the oil feed hole

Main Bearings: Utilizes 2.749” Ford style main bearings. One piece rear main seal. MRG# 31 (2.749”)

Main Caps:  All five main caps are four bolt billet Steel caps with the center three being of the splayed design. The inner row of studs are 7/16” inch thread. The outer row of bolts are 7/16 thread and the four outside corner bolts are 3/8”. Torque specs on main studs and bolts are: 7/16″ 70 ft. lbs. and 3/8″ 45ft.lbs. on four corners with oil.

Lifter Bores: Standard location, Lifter bore size is standard Ford diameter .8750”unfinished.

Note: When using OE style roller lifter guides (tie bars) with spring-steel retainer on a BMP Ford aluminum block, some material may need to be removed from the guide. This should be checked at each lifter boss location. Remove only enough for clearance.

Bore Center: Standard 4.380″

Cylinder Bores: 4.000” rough bore. Cylinder bores are of a siamese design. Sleeves are a replaceable, centrifugal cast ductile steel pressed-in with a .001” to -.002” fit. Sleeves do not protrude into the water and are considered to be a DRY sleeve.

Cylinder Wall Thickness: Sleeve OD on all SBF blocks are 4.260”. Maximum recommended bore size 4.165” but engine builder must make that final call based on the application the engine is being built for.

Freeze Plugs: All aluminum blocks include screw in freeze plugs. Torque to 35lbs with anti seize on threads and o-rings BMP part# 701645.

Distributor: Standard SBF

Oil System Features: Accepts a std OE internal oil pump. Block has provisions to be converted to a dry sump oiling system.

Stroke Clearance: Will accept a 4.000” stroke in 9.500” deck.

Oil Restrictors: All BMP blocks use SPECIAL oil restrictors, BMP part # 701804-2. Requires 3 oil restrictors

Filtration: Integral mount for spin on filter.

Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width) can be clearanced for strokers. Billet splayed cap blocks may have oil pan interference with the front and rear main caps. It may be necessary to hand fit the oil pan.

Cylinder Head Bolt Holes: Head bolt holes are blind. IT IS THE BUILDER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE THAT BOLTS OR STUDS USED HAVE THE PROPER THREAD ENGAGEMENT TO PREVENT STRIPPING THE THREADS. Threads are machined .500” deeper than stock so that the clamping force is below the deck. For conventional style Ford heads ARP part# 154-4301, For BMP SBF 10° heads ARP part# 154-4302

Camshaft: In long rod and stroker combinations it is recommended to use a camshaft with a base circle.

Fuel Pump: Uses stock style fuel pump and stock length fuel pump pushrod. When using a billet aluminum fuel pump block off plate you may need to modify it slightly for fit due to overall size.

Starter: Starter mounting pad is drilled for stock bolt pattern.

Motor Mounts: Drilled and tapped for side mounts in OEM locations. Block may need additional clearance in some applications.

Bell Housing Pattern: Stock SBF.

Gear Drives & Belt Drives: Info N/A at this time

Weight 176 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 25 in


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