BMP 702208-16 – Valve Springs 1.500″ OD, Dual spring


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Dual valve springs 

O.D.: 1.500 inch, I.D.: 1.125 inch, Inner spring I.D.:.800 inch

Seat pressure: 150 lbs. @ 1.900 inch,

Open Pressure: 400 lbs. @ 1.220 inch

Coil Bind: 1.185 inch = .715 inch lift

Max recommended Lift: .680 inch max lift 

Good for Hydraulic Flat tappet, Solid Flat Tappet and some Hydraulic Roller cams. Used internally on all -2 Big Block Head Assemblies

Have been using these springs for 20 plus years. Excellent success rate with these. Have used these springs on All World Products and Bill Mitchell Products BMP cylinder heads for 20 plus years. As the old saying goes “if isn’t broken then don’t fix it”. Of course we recommend that you check your valve spring rates periodically to make sure they are in good health.

Weight 4 lbs


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