ROLLMASTER CS4000LB5 – Timing Chain Ford Small Block 429/460 PRE/EFI Red Series Series with Shim & nitrided sprockets, 9 keyway crank sprocket, -.005″ shorter chain


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BBF Block Ford 429/460 PRE/EFI Red Series with Shim, nitrided sprockets & 9 keyway crank sprocket

Red Label Premium and Gold Label Extra Premium Timing Sets: 

All Red Label timing sets are produced using billet steel for both the crank and camshaft sprockets. The grades of materials used are mentioned further down this page. Gold Label sets are nitride hardened and include a one-piece Torrington and Iwis chain. Red label sets come with 7 or 9 crankshaft keyway sprockets depending on crankshaft diameter. The smaller shafts tend to be best suited to 7 crank keyways, although engines like Small Block Chevs etc come with 9 so it allows more adjustment for dialing in the cam. Crankshaft sprocket keyways are in 2 degree increments always unless otherwise noted. The relationship from crank keyway to camshaft sprocket timing is 2:1 meaning that the amount of advance or retard at the camshaft is in one degree increments, IE 1, 2, 3 or 4 degrees. Multiple keyways are a solid fixture and do not tend to move or work loose like offset dowels, thus providing a positive locking of the cam timing to whatever position is desired. Rollmaster timing sets are light weight and stronger than any other timing set available due to the weight savings of billet steel and CNC machinery. No additional machining is required to fit these sets or the need for offset bushings or drilling of cam gears. All Red Label timing sets come standard with RollmasterŒÍíˆ__s own premium grade Iwis full roller timing chain. Every small and big block Chev comes standard with a brass thrust washer and is available with an optional one-piece Torrington thrust bearing. You will find Rollmaster has included brass thrust washers to most of our range including Ford for increased performance and reliability. Where possible our one-piece Torrington thrust bearings can be applied to most of our range of timing sets and listings are noted accordingly in our catalogue. Notice our Nitrate hardened timing sets and those fitted with one-piece TorringtonŒÍíˆ__s, compared to the standard billet steel sets. All Timing Chain Sets are made from billet steel, have 9 Keyways (unless otherwise stated) and have a heat treated crank sprocket. Red Series: standard billet steel set with induction hardened crank gear Gold Series: premium billet steel set with all sprockets nitrided for better durability and longer life. Line Bore Kits available in .002″, .005″, .008″ and .010″. When ordering Line Bore Kits mark order with LB2, LB5, LB8, LB10 after the part number. When installing any new timing componentry we recommend using a degree wheel to set perfect timing.


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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