New Bill Mitchell Products SBC aluminum block set apart thanks to cylinder stabilization and reinforcement; retro-style fins enhance cooling

Engine-block-maker Bill Mitchell Products introduces its SBC aluminum Chevy small block and there are several key features that enhance performance. The introduction of cooling-enhancement fins on the block has resulted in better cylinder wall stabilization and reinforcement. Reinforcing ribs in the engine’s valley connects the banks and adds stability. The ribs are drilled to cross-feed the lifter galleys as well. The Chevy small block is configured for priority main oiling to assure that the crankshaft is lubricated before the lifters and features standard fuel pump location and engine mounts that make it perfect for a drop in replacement as well as an all out race block.

Bill Mitchell Products President & CEO Bill Mitchell said, “The new aluminum Chevy small block and other aluminum products begin shipping from our Florida location in April 2017. For car enthusiasts interested in strength and durability, and in reducing weight, this new lightweight but tough aluminum block offers a very good option.”

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